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14.03.17 Santachiara teachers with Bishop Vittorio Viola

Istituto Santachiara O.D.P.F. is one of the branches of activity of Opera Diocesana della Preservazione della Fede, Diocesan Institution for the Preservation of Faith. O.D.P.F. is a non-profit organization subordinated to the Diocese of Tortona.

Since 1952, Istituto Santachiara has been operating in the field of vocational education and training, focusing on the learning and training needs of the young.

Today, Istituto Santachiara offers vocational education and training for young people up to the age of 18 as well as educational services for infancy and childhood. It also provides continuing vocational training courses for people and for companies. Finally, it provides employment services such as career guidance and support in job seeking.

Istituto Santachiara has branches in Tortona, Stradella, Voghera and Como and it offers vocational education and training centers (Tortona, Stradella and Voghera), a high school (Voghera), a nursery and a kindergarten (Tortona) as well as employment services and business services.

Istituto Santachiara adheres to CONFAP – Confederazione Nazionale Formazione Aggiornamento Professionale, National Confederation Continuing Vocational Training, and AEF – Associazione Enti di Formazione della Regione Lombardia, Association of the Training Institutions in Lombardy.


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