After junior high school

After junior high school – Vocational Education and Training (IeFP)

The new Vocational Education and Training system offers the young that just completed junior high school the opportunity to choose a training course within fifteen vocational areas. After the first three years, students obtain the Vocational Qualification Diploma as Operator (Third Level EQF Qualification).

Then, they have the option to attend an additional year to achieve the Vocational Diploma (Fourth Level EQF Qualification), becoming a Technician.

Vocational Education and Training (IeFP) is an integral part of the Italian education system. Vocational Qualification Diploma and Vocational Diploma are valid for the completion of the compulsory education period, that fulfils the students’ duty and right to education. These qualifications follow regional and national standards which validate them on the entire Italian and EU territory.

IeFP training courses provide the students with the competencies that are necessary to immediately join the job market, but they also give them the opportunity to further their education should they wish to do so. In fact, students that obtain the Diploma can access IFTS and ITS courses, Higher Technical Education and Training and Technical Vocational Training, or attend an additional fifth year, which enables access to Esame di Stato, State examination. After obtaining the Esame di Stato, students can join University.

In our Vocational Training Centres (Voghera and Stradella) and our Training Agency (Tortona), we offer several IeFP courses.
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