RASI 2020

The Erasmus Project Raising Aspirations for Social Inclusion is an important two-year European project, from October 2018 to the end of 2020 where our school is involved. Five schools represent five different European countries: Italy, Finland, Sweden, Romania and United Kingdom.

The main goal of this project consists in developing new pedagogical and educational methods and solutions in order to better arrange, coordinate and improve the education of all the students but paying specific attention to students with special educational needs, the so-called SEN students.

Therefore, this project aims not only to improve the education quality but also to increase school motivation and prevent school dropouts.

This project is composed by rotational transnational project meetings every six months in one of the different schools involved through short-term joint staff training events for special education teachers and for principals in order to develop the organizing of special need teaching in order to develop, share, and improve new ideas among the different schools and educational situations.

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