ESF Systemic projects

FSE santachiara

Istituto Santachiara CFP promoted and participated in several systemic improvement projects in Province of Pavia. These projects’ aims are to enhance the education-training-work system, promote the province and develop positive collaborations between schools, training centres, universities and local institutions. Systemic projects are financed by EU, European Social Fund, Lombardy Region, Italian Republic (Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education).

Thank to these projects, we have gained considerable experience in the management of complex projects (such as Polo formativo pavese, local Education Area within Province of Pavia), we have built a strong partner network and we have taken part in important European initiatives (such as Equal Fabrica).

Santachiara CFP is constantly working as a promoter of local development, supporting the creation of partnerships and collaborations.

More specifically, Santachiara CFP is part of Albo regionale di Lombardia Eccellente, Regional Register for the Best Excellent Schools and Training Operators, with the project Pavia Città della Formazione, Pavia as Training City, which promotes Fondazione ITS Pavia Città della Formazione, Foundation for Technical Training for Pavia as Training City.

We are also part of Polo Pavese della Ristorazione e delle Tipicità Agroalimentari, local Education Area for Catering and Agri-Food Typical products (APOLF project), which promotes IFTS courses, Higher Technical Education and Training courses, in the Food and Wine sector and continuing vocational training activities.

Finally, we are financed by LOMBARDIA PLUS 2017 – MOVE ON UP Project.


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