Our Activities

Istituto Santachiara provides a complete vocational education and training offer through Santachiara CFPVocational Training Centres (Voghera and Stradella) and Training Agency B77 (Tortona). We offer diversified training and education opportunities depending on the needs of our users.

To the students who just completed the third and last year of secondary school, we offer several three-years vocational education and training programs. The three years can be integrated by an additional year of specialization.

To those who just finished high school and wish to choose professional training over a university course, we propose ITS and IFTS courses, Technical Vocational Training and Higher Technical Education and Training Courses.

To the adults who want to join or rejoin the job market, we provide guidance and support in job-seeking as well as several continuing vocational training opportunities.

Vocational Training Centres

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Santachiara CFP is an operator of Sistema di Istruzione e Formazione Professionale e dei Servizi per il Lavoro di Regione Lombardia (operator id. 226125), Vocational and Educational Training System and Labor Services of Lombardy Region. It is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

To the young that just finished secondary school, we offer three-year vocational education and training courses. These courses award the students with qualifications that are recognized at Italian and European level. The three-years course allows the students to complete the compulsory education period and it provides them with the competencies that are necessary to immediately join the job market.

After the first three years, students obtain the Vocational Qualification Diploma as Operator (Third Level EQF Certification). Then, they have the option to attend an additional year to obtain the Vocational Diploma (Fourth Level EQF Certification) and become a Technician.

After the Vocational Qualification Diploma and/or the Vocational Diploma our students can start working. Another post-Diploma option is to attend an IFTS or ITS course, Higher Technical Education and Training and Technical Vocational Trainings courses.  Lastly, an additional elective fifth year enables access to Esame di Stato, State Examination, which opens the doors to University.

To adults that wish to find a job, change or improve their job position, we offer guidance services as well as continuing vocational training through our employment services.

For companies, we plan continuing vocational training courses based on the specific training needs of their employees.

Finally, we organize apprenticeships, internships, Learning Weeks and many other activities.

The services are customizable and free of charge because they are financed by local, national and European funding, such as the School Allowance System of Regione Lombardia.



Training Agency B77

Agenzia Formativa B77, Training Agency, was born in 2002 following the template of the vocational education and training centres in Voghera and Stradella. Choosing to focus on vocational education and training was a return to the origins, as Istituto Santachiara’s mission has always been to respond to the needs of the families and of the labour market.

Istituto Santachiara Agenzia Formativa is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and it is accredited by Piedmont Region for the provision of training and orientation services.

To the young that just finished secondary school, we offer three-year vocational training courses in the catering and wellness sectors, allowing our students to complete the compulsory education period and to achieve a vocational qualification (Third Level EQF Certification). About 200 students aged 14 to 17 years attend these courses every year and we employ 23 people, including teachers and non-teaching staff.

Since 2013, Istituto Santachiara has offered an additional fourth year. This elective year allows the students to achieve the Vocational Diploma (Fourth Level EQF Certification).

The institute also offers courses for the unemployed, adhering to the regional directives of Mercato del Lavoro, Labour Market.

All the courses are free of charge thanks to funding by Piedmont Region, European Union and European Social Fund.




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