Continuing vocational training

formazione adulti santachiara

Throughout our lives in the contemporary world, we can no longer separate the time dedicated to working and the time dedicated to training. Each one of us is in constant “continuing education”. We are required to constantly learn and expand our competencies through work-based learning, personal study, life experiences and formal education and training.

At Istituto Santachiara, you can choose among several continuing vocational training courses.

Depending on your training needs, our proposals are flexible and customizable. We can also plan on-demand training courses in several other professional areas.

Many courses are financed through grants such as the School Allowance System in Lombardy Region and therefore they are free for the student.

We also organise some paid courses.

Piedmont Region approved the directive ‘Formazione continua dei lavoratori periodo 2019/2021’, Continuing Education for Workers 2019/2021, which finances training grants for individuals and companies. They can be used to finance participation in the training courses offered in the regional catalogue available below.

Download – The Regione Piemonte training catalogue (Italian)

Download – Scheda tecnica Formazione continua dei lavoratori occupati (Italian)

Download – The training catalogue for the Tortona branch (Italian)


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