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Trinity College London International Certifying Body

Trinity College London is an international certifying body. It has been active since 1877 and it operates in more than 60 countries. Trinity qualifications are focused on communication skills. English, music and performance arts qualifications are available.

Trinity exams emphasize practical skills and personal inclinations over theoretic knowledge through:

  • constant stimulation of the learning progress;
  • freedom in choosing how to prepare for the exam
  • valorization of the candidate’s skills through discussion of the applicant’s interest during the exam.

Teachers support is an essential part of Trinity College London’s work. This commitment includes supporting teachers that wish to prepare their students for the Trinity exam as well as assisting them in their Continuing Professional Development.

Trinity language, music and performance arts certifications:

  • are internationally recognized
  • are valid in professional and academic settings
  • are available for all levels of competency and for all ages
  • facilitate the acquisition of transversal skills that are essential in the global XXI century society.

More than 750.000 candidates take Trinity exams every year.


Trinity’s mission is to inspire teachers and students through the creation of stimulating exams that are able to support the development of communication skills.

Trinity believes that communication and performance skills break down barriers and improve lives. For this reason, they should be accessible to everyone. To achieve its mission, Trinity develops innovative and authentic content, training and exams.

Why choosing Trinity?

Teachers and students choose Trinity for different reasons:

  • awareness of the transformative power of performance
  • possibility to achieve progressive goals, increasing self-esteem and motivation
  • the exams are planned to have a positive impact on the learning process as well as on the motivation and improvement of the students
  • the candidates are encouraged to express their interests and choices during the exam, making it more motivating, realistic and pleasant
  • flexible exam, allowing the candidates to do their best and accommodate their interests
  • Trinity certification exams are accessible to candidates of any age and culture
  • Trinity examiners are highly qualified and they are trained to put the candidates at their ease and support them through the exam.

Regulation and Standards

Trinity exams are regulated by Ofqual, Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, and they are evaluated by the same standards in the whole world. Examiners are expert in the exam subject and they are regularly trained and standardized to guarantee the coherent application of the evaluation standards.

The academic and operational staff supervises the management of the exam sessions to guarantee the quality of the evaluation process.


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