New ECDL certification

albero ecdlnuova ecdl testoWhat is it?

New ECDL is a new certification that expands and integrates the original ECDL certification. It offers new modules and increased flexibility, in order to encourage continuing education.

Why creating a new ECDL?

  • More certifiable competencies
  • Updated content
  • More flexible approach


New ECDL certifications

ECDL BASE – 4 Modules ECDL FULL STANDARD – 7 Modules
  • Computer Essential
  • Computer Essential
  • Online Essential
  • Online Essential
  • Word Processing
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheets
  • Online Collaboration
  • IT Security – Specialized Level
  •  Presentation



ecdl santachiaraThe modules Computer Essentials e Online Essentials provide the basic competencies necessary for using a computer and the internet.

The modules Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentation are concerned with the use of softwares to edit texts, spreadsheets and presentations.

The module Online Collaboration certifies the essential competencies for online collaboration through PC, smartphone and tablets. These include operational knowledge of social networks, mobile applications, remote storage, online meetings etc.

The module IT Security – Specialized Level certifies the competencies needed for digital safety for studying and working. These include tools and applications to safely manage local networks, internet connections and critical information and data.


ECDL Full Standard: the value of ACCREDIA


accrediaECDL Full Standard is recognized by ACCREDIA, which makes it the only accredited digital competencies certification. With this accreditation, ECDL becomes the only cross-sectoral digital competencies certification. This means it is shared and recognized in all professional fields and not just in the ICT area. Through Accredia, ECDL Full Standard becomes the official framework for schools, Regional Councils for Labour and Education and, in general, for public administration institutions, including employment centres.

Upon completing the ECDL Full Standard program, you obtain a legal certificate, filed in a public register, which makes the European Computer Driving Licence even more valuable in school and in the job market.




ecdl skill cardThe ECDL Skills Card is not bound by the individual certification. It does not have an expiration date and it can be used to apply for any ECDL exam.
To learn more: AICA – Linea diretta per il candidato, Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Calculation, Direct Line to the candidate.

ecdl aica


To learn more: AICA – Linea diretta per il candidato
Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Calculation,
Direct Line to the candidate.



With the ECDL Skills Cards, you can

  • Check you Libretto Online
  • Express your opinion on ECDL and EUCIP services
  • Verify your certifications
  • Localize a test center
  • Find future exam sessions

How to buy a Skills card and join an exam session?

If you want to buy a new Skill Card or convert an old Skill Card or join an exam session come talk to us!



Prices 2018/2019

Skills Card

  • € 80,00  for internal candidates
  • € 100,00 for external candidates


  • € 22,00




If you need to pay more than € 77.47 you need to bring a “receipt stamp for duty paid” (€ 2)

To apply you need to fill in ECDL Full Standard Certification Application


What if I need a computer course?

Istituto Santachiara offers personalised computer courses.

Course Duration Nr. Lessons Price Modules
10 h 5 € 150,00 2 modules
20 h 10 € 300,00 4 modules

If you need to pay more than € 77.47 you need to bring a “receipt stamp for duty paid” (€ 2)


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