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Internship is regulated by national and regional guidelines. The duration depends on the specific guideline.

Types of internships and their objectives

  • Curricular internships: curricular internships are part of a formal education path. The practical goal of a curricular internship is to further the student’s education and training experience through work-based learning. To begin a curricular internship you need to be attending the study program activated by the institution that promotes the internship.
  • Extra-curricular internships: extra-curricular internships’ aim is to facilitate career choices and increment occupational outcomes after a qualification/degree. They streamline the transition from school to work through on-the-job training. Internships are also available for people who lost their job or have difficulties in entering the job market to help them join or rejoin the workforce by gaining new competencies.
  • Interregional and international internships: interregional and international internships’ aim is to facilitate training and professional experience outside one’s region. Its goal is to strengthen the curriculum and get in contact with more dynamic job markets that offer better job opportunities.


A monthly allowance is recognized for extra-curricular internships and for interregional and international internships. The allowance depends on the independent regional guidelines. The contribution will be higher if the internship is conducted outside the applicant’s region of origin thanks to a Voucher whose value is based on the European mobility program tables.

Have you received the INPS allowance, the national social welfare institution? Find out where to find your CU, income tax statement, here (Italian)



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