The Allowance system is a financing system offered by Lombardy Region to support people in their education, training and work life.


  • dote lombardiaSchool allowance supports the young aged 6-18 in their educational path. It is awarded to students of public and charter schools of any level, including the first three years of vocational training and education. School allowance covers the entire fee of all CFP Santachiara (Voghera and Stradella) IeFP, vocational education and training, courses.
  • Training allowance supports continuing vocational training. Its main goal is to allow the young unoccupied (under 35 years of age) to access training courses to update their knowledge, learn new skills and remain competitive in the job market. Training allowance does not finance training courses for regulated professions.
  • Work allowance supports employment. It helps the individual to join or rejoin the workforce and it supports continuing training. Work allowance economically aids participation in employment programs.
    Together with work allowance, Regione Lombardia promotes Social Support Payments Allowance, which extends the benefits of Work allowance to the workers that benefit from Notwithstanding Social Support Payments. A separate Work allowance is specifically allocated to disabled people.


For more information visit the website.
Allowances of Lombardy Region – co-financed on POR FSE 2014-2020/ Opportunity and Inclusion, Regional Operational Programme of the European Social Fund.



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