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Are you searching for a job?

Are you rethinking your career?

Are you a young person envisioning a training and/or career plan?

Are you a company looking for consultancy?

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About us

Istituto Santachiara is part of Opera Diocesana della Preservazione della Fede O.D.P.F., a non-profit organization dependant on the Tortona Diocese. It is accredited for the provision of several training services. Since March 2018, it is also accredited for the provision of employment services.

salThe main goals of the accredited employment services centres are:

to support and facilitate the application of policies and measures for the employment of young people and adults

to identify public funding opportunities for companies and users.

Our employment services

Our employment services are organized in two areas according to their target user. They are structured as follows:

Personal services Business services
Information and introduction Scouting and promotion
Career counselling Information and services
Career support Consultancy
Extra-curricular internships Matching job demand and supply


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