Learning week

Learning Week

Observing the night sky through powerful telescopes, entering the Italian Senate chamber, spotting a fox in Parco della Maremma, playing with Math, developing a robot.

These are just some of the activities that 130 students from high schools from Province of Pavia experienced in 2010 during the Learning Weeks that Santachiara CFP planned and organized.

Learning Weeks are free for the users thanks to Lombardy Region’s School Allowances. They are innovative learning experiences that allow the students to get in direct contact with the practical application of what they learn in school while collaborating with their peers, learning how to work in a group, expressing their talent through creativity.

Santachiara CFP’s learning weeks are residential, allowing the students to learn, share and grow with their peers. Overnight stay, evening activities and sharing day to day life strengthens the community spirit and allows them to learn in a more practical and relaxed way.

Visit the blog “Consum-attori“, were we collected the program, photos and videos from the Learning Week.

Watch the video of the simulation of a Regional Council meeting during one of the learning weeks.


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