Apprendistato Santachiara

An Apprenticeship is a permanent employment contract whose aim is to support the employment of young people by providing quick access to their first work experience. Its main feature is the training content: the company is legally obliged to provide work-based training with the aim of expanding the apprentice’s practical competencies and technical-professional knowledge, integrating the competencies acquired in school/university/research settings.

The Apprenticeship contract is available to young people aged 15-29. Three different contracts are available:

1 Apprenticeship for acquiring a qualification (Qualifica and Diploma Professionale, Professional Qualification Diploma and Professional Diploma, High School Diploma, Higher Technical Education and Training Certificates)

This kind of apprenticeship enables you to obtain a Three-year Professional Qualification Diploma or a Professional Diploma.

The training program is available for young people aged 15-25. The contract duration depends on the specific qualification, but it can not be greater than 3 years (4 years for the 4-year Diploma).

The employing company benefits from cheaper labour. The apprentice receives an allowance of 2000 euros a year if he/she is under 18 years old or an allowance of 3000 euros a year if he/she is over 18 years old. This amount is variable depending on the Region or Autonomous Province.

The training can be work-based or it can be delegated to regionally accredited training institutions or public vocational education and training institutes.

2 Professional apprenticeship

If you are 18-29 years old, this kind of apprenticeship allows you to learn a profession through work-based training. It also allows you to achieve a professional qualification as determined by CCNL, Italian National Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The young that obtained a professional Qualification Diploma can access the Professional Apprenticeship at 17.

The duration of the contract is determined by CCNL depending on the specific qualification, but it can not be greater than 3 years (5 years for artisans). The apprentice receives a regular salary.

The Professional Apprenticeship is not financed by Youth Guarantee. Nevertheless, other economic and contributory incentives are available for adhering companies. In addition, individual Regions can provide incentives through their calls in actuation of the program.

3 Apprenticeship for Higher Education and Research

This type of apprenticeship is a collaboration between companies, schools and universities that allows the young (18-29 years old or 17 years old with a Professional Qualification Diploma) to concurrently work and

  1. obtain a high school diploma, a university degree, a postgraduate diploma or  a PhD
  2. conduct research and/or traineeship activities finalized to accessing professional associations or expanding the apprentice’s work experience
  3. acquire a Higher Technical Education and Training Certificate.

The duration of the contract depends on the specific qualification/degree.

Incentives are available for companies to hire apprentices and to finance training and education.

It is also possible to stipulate a Research Apprenticeship contract not finalized to obtaining a degree.

The apprenticeship duration is at least six months. The grading of the contract (referring to the CCNL contract levels) can not be more than 2 levels lower than the grading of the regular employee carrying out the same tasks.

At the end of the apprenticeship program, the company can decide whether to continue the working relationship or to end it, according to the notice time determined by the CCNL.



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