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Istituto Santachiara CFP’s employment services provide job-seekers with orientation, support and training. Istituto Santachiara’s employment services’ aim is to support job-seekers to find occupation, valorizing their competencies and filling possible training gaps. If you want to join or rejoin the job market or if you wish to improve your career, you can set up a customized intervention plan with our operators.

We can help you with compiling a curriculum vitae, defining your training needs, evaluating your competencies and we can offer you career guidance, active job seeking, self-entrepreneurship consultancy, on-the-job training, internship support etc.

You can freely access Santachiara CFP’s employment services thanks to Lombardy Region’s School allowances.


For the young (15-29 years old)

If you are 15-29 years old, you are an Italian resident (EU citizen or extra-EU citizen with a valid residence permit)  and you are neither working nor studying, you can access The Youth Guarantee to benefit from the orientation, training and work opportunities offered by the program.

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To access The Youth Guarantee, you have to:

  1. register and adhere to the program on the national The Youth Guarantee website
  2. access your personal area in the ANPAL website, Italian National Agency for Active Labour Market Policies (ACCEDI in the top right corner) to complete your application and choose your region.

People that choose Lombardy receive further communication from SIUL, Lombardy Information System.

You can benefit from these services:

  • Welcome and introduction to the program
  • Access to The Youth Guarantee (acceptation, interview and profiling, orientation and counselling)
  • Specialized orientation
  • Job placement focused training
  • Career guidance
  • Promotion of extra-curricular internships

For adults (30-65 years old)

Dote Unica

If you are 30-65 years old, unemployed and resident in Lombardy, you can access Dote Unica Lavoro – Terza Fase, Italian Re-Employment and Re-qualification Endowment Programme.

This Allowance’s aim is to support people in finding a job and/or improving their competencies while guaranteeing the individual’s centrality and freedom by offering:

  • a customized path that puts individual needs and characteristics at its centre
  • private and public services that improve the employment results.


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