Entrepreneurial Projects

Piattaforma Lavoro Project, Entrepreneurial Project, is promoted by the employment and entrepreneurship department of Stradella city council in collaboration with Istituto L.G. Faravelli (Stradella), Istituto Santachiara ODPF (Stradella) and other partner institutions. The project will involve several local companies and associations.

We will request the partnership of Chamber of Commerce in Pavia, EU, Lombardy Region and Province of Pavia.

Piattaforma Lavoro’s goal is to promote entrepreneurship by stimulating the enterprise spirit of the local secondary education students.

“Piattaforma Lavoro” competition

The competition will be regulated by a call for projects and it will involve students from Istituto Faravelli and Istituto Santachiara O.D.P.F. Stradella.

The students that wish to participate will have the chance to create a new entrepreneurship project, to improve an existing activity or project or to propose the requalification and/or the promotion of the territory through urban design and/or marketing strategies.

Deadline for submission: April 7, 2020.

The projects will be evaluated by a jury composed by: a juror from the city council, a juror from Istituto Faravelli, a juror from Istituto Santachiara, jurors from each project partner. The jury will elect a President. The jury will be selected by the city council after the 7th of April.

The evaluation will be based on pragmatism, feasibility, innovation, uniqueness, connection with the local socio-economical context and economical and environmental sustainability. The jury will take decisions through voting. In case of a tie, the President’s vote will prevail.

A separate ranking list will be published for each institute and the first four projects will receive a prize.

Participation to the contest is free.

Piattaforma Lavoro project will start in December 2019 and it will finish in May 2020 with an open event.


1st prize: travel to Brussels to visit the EU Parliament and Commissions (2 students)

2nd prize: 2 language courses (value 500 euros)

3rd prize: 2 driving courses (value 500 euros)

4th prize: 2 NetBook PCs (value 350 euros)


Download the call for project (Italian)

Download the project presentation (Italian)

Download the economic analysis (Italian)


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