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Professional figure

Higher technicians for housing innovation and quality (Fifth Level EQF Qualification) take part in the building process at different stages. They are involved in the management and verification of the architectural project dossier (compilation and collection of technical documentation, drafting of safety data sheets and plans, formulation of specifications and answers to calls for projects); they contribute to the risk evaluation process (static, seismic and environmental risks); they execute quality control tasks (inspection of building materials and anti-seismic technologies, installation of innovative Made in Italy systems); they participate in the management of the construction process and site (safety, tools, vehicles and machinery, receipt and control of building materials, planning and organization of the work) and in the economic risk monitoring (economic analysis, budgeting, economic management of the building process, fiscal and administrative documentation).

Course specifications

The course duration is 2000 hours. These include classroom training, workshops and internship (800 hours).

-> Start date: October 2020.

Peculiarities of the course:

  • lessons and workshops are taught by teachers, technicians and industry professionals
  • group tasks with a tutor
  • independent study and tasks can be carried out at the course’s premises
  • visits to construction sites and companies
  • 800 hours internship on a construction company (2nd and 4th semester), which will be specifically planned for each student with the help of a company tutor and a course tutor.

Target audience

The course is open to 30 students. The participants need to hold either a high school diploma or a vocational training diploma. Diploma C.A.T. ‘Costruzioni,  Ambiente e Territorio’, C.A.T. Diploma, Building, Environment, and Territory, is preferred but it is not a selection element.

Upon completing the two-year course (valid as an apprenticeship), the students that hold a Surveyor Qualification are supported in taking the State Examination, for the registration in the Collegio Nazionale Geometri, Italian Board of Surveyors. Upon passing the exam, they are habilitated to work as a building technician.



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